employee benefits

These days more and more companies are developing protection plans for their staff and employees who ask for them.

Products designed to protect your staff can create a strong bond between the company and its employees, promoting a sense of loyalty, particularly among key executives.

We offer a wide variety of insurance products which can be combined:

•Pension plans
•Life insurance
•Accident insurance
•Health insurance

A main priority for businesses is to ensure its employees receive income and other support at times when remuneration may be reduced (retirement, disability, incapacity etc.). This way you can show your employees that you care about them even when their productivity is restricted.

For key executives and middle management we can design social welfare plans, income linked policies which offer tax advantages.

These additional benefit packages can help to generate a positive working environment and increase your staff´s sense of loyalty towards the company.

For these reasons company social security plans are becoming increasingly popular.

It can also serve as a negotiating tool and is a good option for corporate fiscal planning. This has been regulated in the Spanish Reglamento de Exteriorización (R.D. 1588/99)

Unit Director:
Gabriel Tomás

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