Tailor-made solutions
for large companies

Our knowledge and dedication to service allow us to perform an exhaustive risk analysis of your projects, no matter how complex their execution may be, offering a personalized and completely customized solution.

These are some of the coverages that we can offer for your company, after an exhaustive analysis of your needs and in a completely personalized way:

Property Damage and Loss of Profits

We provide tailor-made protection against damages or material losses that may occur in your company, for any event that may cause damage to the material asset you want to protect, including the loss of economic benefit due to an unforeseen stoppage.

General Liability

Protection for damages to third parties of any kind originating from your business activity. Your company will be covered against any claim or lawsuit it may receive,

Environmental Liability

We provide comprehensive and customized coverage to address specific environmental risks that may arise from potentially polluting business activities, causing damage to the environment and third parties.

Directors & Officers (D&O)

With our Civil Liability coverage for Executives and Administrators, the positions of responsibility of your company will be covered against any claim or liability as a consequence of the work and business activity carried out

Erection All Risk and Advance Loss of Profit (ALOP)

We cover both material damage to all types of machinery and equipment, as well as the financial loss due to delays or stoppages that such damage may cause.

Machinery Breakdown, C.A.R. & Decennial Insurance

With our tailor-made insurance we can cover material damage to machinery, both light and heavy, that you may have in your company.

We cover damages that may occur during the execution of a construction project. We also insure the damages caused by the structural elements of the work that endanger its mechanical resistance and stability, either due to defects or flaws, during the 10 years after the end of the work.

Motor Fleets

We provide flexible and adaptable coverage to the needs of your fleet of vehicles, allowing you to choose the level of protection that best suits your needs.

Credit, Bonding

We provide the widest range of commercial credit solutions to help our clients protect their business against potential financial losses due to credit or political risks.

Cyber risks

With Cyber risks insurance we unify prevention, protection and information from the very first moment.  A solution that will protect your business in the event of a cyber-attack.


We offer a wide range of flexible products that can be adapted to your needs to cover accidents that may occur during the transportation of your company’s goods and/or machinery.

Employee Benefits

We design social benefit programs for your workers and employees, establishing social welfare plans that generate better relations between the company and its employees.

Actuarial Consultancy

We specialise in problems or needs concerning insurance companies or fund managers in relation to pensions at your company.

  • Group personal pension schemes and other pension plans.
  • Consultancy for occupational pension scheme sponsoring employers / Board of trustees.
  • Valuations – actuarial, accounting, financial, taxation and legal.

And much more:


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